1. I just finished working on new games and activities for counting coins.
    *2 Quarters in my bucket board game
    *Set of 30 self check coin flash cards
    *2 coin pattern worksheets
    *Get spot a bone board game
    *Dollar baseball board game
    *Coin war card game (60)
    *20 input/out put station cards
    *30 “I have who has” cards for a class game.

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  2. For Valentines, everyone seems to sort conversation hearts for graphing. For a twist, I have parents send in all their Sunday paper adds and we cut out all the Valentine candy pictures that ar in the store circulars. Then they work in groups with poster board to present their data using chart and either a bar graph, pictograph, or pie graph. The posters are awesome and they decorate them with the pictures they cut out.